About Me

The Blue Voice is a community development and ecological preservation campaign, started by me, Ishan Kapur. The campaign was founded in 2020, when I was attending virtual lessons as a student in Year 10 in the UK.

As an enthusiastic diver, I have always been in awe of aquatic life. In my quest to learn more about underwater life forms, I have also become aware of the growing concern surrounding our oceans. This planted the seed for The Blue Voice.

The most promising way to preserve our planet’s marine ecology was by creating awareness. Connecting with other students, was the obvious way for me to start, they were my immediate audience.

The Blue Voice serves a dual objective:

1. It seeks to create awareness through education.

2. Promoting sustainability whilst aiding communities.

Reaching out to young students, particularly underprivileged girls in such communities, my campaign came to life.

With the COVID-19 outbreak in 2020, I felt myself drawn to a sense of duty towards students in weaker sections of the society who had little or no means of continuing their learning during the lockdown.