Activity Workbooks

Covid impacted millions of children across India. The first group of students I noticed who were no longer engaged in learning activities were children belonging to migrant families at a construction site nearby.

At the beginning of 2020, my school was shut because of the COVID-19 outbreak and I came back to Delhi. Noticing how quickly our school shifted to an online teaching schedule, I realised that online education might not be as easily assessable to people in India.

Activity Workbooks

The first group of students I noticed who were no longer engaged in learning activities were children belonging to migrant families at a construction site nearby. They had been forced to stop work, and the movement restriction meant the families had to stay on site. Wanting to help, I compiled an ecology-themed activity book to engage and educate.

Crowd Funding

But first daily essentials were important.

As a family, we supported them with these essentials. To further this effort, I reached out to the ‘Delhi Langar Seva Society’, a community programme that provides wholesome meals to thousands of people on a daily basis. I set up a crowdfunding page, and raised ₹ 1,22,500/- to further their cause.

Once the food supply was taken care of, I created and printed activity workbooks, ecological awareness activity workbooks, and distributed these to the children.

In early 2021, we all were witness to the ravaging effects of the second wave of the pandemic on India. Be it heart-wrenching images of patients sharing hospital beds, or funeral pyres set up on pavements outside overburdened crematoriums, it was enough to send a chill down anyone’s spine.

Those of us who hail from India have either lost someone, or know someone who was affected by the pandemic, we saw our Whatsapps and social media feeds inundated with desperate pleas for oxygen, medication, and hospital beds. The air was heavy with grief and pain, even oceans away.

Throughout the pandemic, I was grateful for the privilege of health and safety, fleeting as it may have seemed. I am even more grateful that those privileges allowed me to do my part for those who needed it most.

However, it was not only the ‘marginalized’ in India who need our help. The burden on the healthcare system impacted every citizen, and ‘Doctors For You’ worked tirelessly to ease this impact by providing oxygen cylinders to hundreds of thousands in need. I appealed to the Wellington family to support this foundation through donations, big or small. Every little bit went a long way in India, and ensured that patients in need received oxygen in time to save their life.

I collected £2145 (Rs 2,14,800) for this endeavour.

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James Dahl

Wellington College, UK

“One of our 4th Formers, Ishan, is raising funds for doctors in India to help battle against C-19.He’s already raised £ 1500 & hopes to reach £ 2000 through various intiatives including a staff/pupiltournament on Saturday! Do support if you can.

May 22 2021

Venue: Wellington College Golf Club
Format: 2 person Texas Scramble (9 holes)
Entrance Fee: £20 per player / £40 per team

This year Ishan Kapur (Murray 4th Form) would like to raise as much money and awareness of the struggles in India during this second wave of the Covid-19 virus. Tee Off For India will be supporting the wonderful work of Doctors For You who are in desperate need of everyone and anyone’s support. Entries can be made individually and we can create teams, or you can enter as a team.

Entrance fee covers all golf, team entry into beat the pro competition, entry into longest drive competition, and entry into a putting competition. Additional money is being raised by offering the following:

Purchase of a Mulligan (re-hit with no penalty – £5 per mulligan)

Full information can be found throughout the website, and please do not hesitate to contact if you have any questions about the golf day. We cannot wait to welcome you to Tee Off For India 2021, and we thank you for your support.