Future Blue Youth Council

FBYC is a diverse, international group of young people working together to advance Bow Seat’s mission and to empower their peers to advocate for our environment. Council members are paid to serve one-year terms as project mangers, advisors, creative idea generators!


Mentored by Karine Samuel, Florida Chapter representative of Bye Bye Plastic bags
Mentored by Fanny Abirachoh, Project Leader of the initiative to reduce human- elephant conflict through Cassava Cultivation in Cameroon

Reviewed applications for ‘By-youth, For-youth’ grant program

Helped expand the reach of Bow Seat’s programs through community outreach, social media, blog writing and authored articles for Future Blue Magazine.


Council Member Perks

Earned a stipend for contributions and work as a council member

Collaborated with and other youth environmentalists from around the world

Strengthen communications, teamwork, and critical thinking skills